Our experience is that whenever we are preparing to take off for mission we undergo through tribulation. For instants as my fellow missionary and I were preparing for mission to Kenya in March 2013, I faced something which I have written about, but I don’t like experiencing it, pain. A week before we took off, I had a toothache. The dentist found that I had a crack in my tooth and recommended root canal. Before I had opened my mouth for the orthodontist, I looked at him and said: “Don’t do a root canal if it is not absolutely necessary. If it is a gum problem, just treat the gum!” Surprised at the patients who spoke with authority, he looked at his watch, stared at me and then told me that they are going to take x-rays to make sure I needed the treatment. After taking ten x-rays he told me that the procedure must be done before I left for mission. After sitting for two hours with my mouth open, I felt as though a big stone was grafted in my jaw. The enemy was laughing at me: “we have zipped his mouth. He will not be able to talk.” Yet the Spirit spoke to me using the words of St. Peter: “Casting all your cares upon Him, for he cares for you.” To my surprise, by the time we landed Jomo Kenyatta Airport with British Air jumbo jet, I had no pain. Gabriel our tour driver took us to ACK Guest house. The following day we visited Margret my sister- in law who fed us a delicious lunch. Read more in MINISTRY TO ALL NATIONS